Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Bearden Middle School Foundation. Our Board of Directors is made up of 100% volunteer members consisting of parents, teachers, staff and community leaders who share apassion, excitement and vision for Bearden Middle School (BMS). Our primary mission is to raise funds to support, benefit, promote, encourage and enhance the educational programs and facilitiesof BMS. Our principal, Michael Toth, has made technology a focal point for BMS and he has highlighted the urgent need for funding in this area.

The middle school years are crucial to the educational development of our children and the lessons learned in middle school will serve as the building blocks for success in high school and college. At BMS we hold a fundamental belief that all of our students should have access to top notch educational opportunities. The BMS parents, teachers and staff put these words and beliefs into action. BMS is on the forefront of advances in education and BMS has achieved the unique honor of being selected as an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) World School, the only middle school in Knox and surrounding counties to obtain such distinction.

In addition, BMS is on the leading edge of innovative learning and technology through implementation of the VERIZON Digital Promise Innovative Learning School program, which provides iPads and data plans to all BMS students. The VERIZON Digital Promise Program has truly been an amazing blessing that catapulted BMS to the top of innovative learning through technology. However, the VERIZON Digital Promise Program was only designed to run for a limited term and it is set to end this year. BMS must now obtain funding to pay for needed repairs and upgrades, in addition to the basic services BMS has been receiving for free. With the initiation of the IB MYP Programme and the huge advancements made in technology, BMS is standing at the crossroads of a unique opportunity. At the BMS Foundation, we stand ready and able to help capitalize on this opportunity and to raise the funds urgently needed by BMS.

While BMS is truly an amazing school, we must never be satisfied with our current achievements or rest upon our past accomplishments. BMS must be committed to constantly improving, innovating and enhancing the learning environment for our children. It is our hope that the BMS Foundation can ignite a spark that will propel BMS to unheralded heights. Now is the time to rally together as a community, step up and lead by example. If we pull together, we can meet the current financial needs facing BMS and unlock new levels of excitement, energy, and achievement in our school and community. Your generous donations to the BMS Foundation will help ensure that our children receive an exceptional education and maintain a competitive advantage going forward. Here are some ways you can help support the BMS Foundation:

  • Attend the first annual BMS Foundation fundraiser on Friday, April 27th, 2018 at 7pm at The Standard in Downtown Knoxville;
  • Become a Sponsor of the BMS Foundation; and
  • Make a donation online.

Thank you for your support, commitment to BMS, and for making a positive difference in the lives of our children.


Jason E. Legg, President
Bearden Middle School Foundation